Why are Christian disciples called to develop and use their talents?  

Christian disciples and Church communities are called and gifted.  “How” we – as individuals and as communities – carry out our common and specific God-given calls depends on our God-given gifts, including our talents.  When we tap into and develop our dominant talents, we can maximize those talents, turn them into strengths, and use them as we carry out our God-given calls – in all aspects of our lives.

What is the connection between Christian Stewardship and talents?

One of our common calls as Christian disciples is to be stewards of the many gifts God has given us.  All we are and all we have is God-given.  We are called to thank God for our gifts, cultivate our gifts, share our gifts lovingly in justice with others, and return them with increase to the Lord.  Therefore, since our talents are among our many God-given gifts, we are called to name our talents, see how they are already working in our lives, cultivate them, and use our talents to love and serve our neighbor.    

What is the connection between grace and talents?

All of our gifts work together in all aspects of our lives. Our gifts include grace, talents, strengths, life experiences, knowledge, skills, relationships, and material and financial resources.

God’s gift of grace includes spiritual gifts and charisms, which people receive throughout their lifetime. Charisms are given to Christian disciples and their faith communities for many purposes, including building-up the Church, being evangelizing witnesses of Jesus Christ, and serving the common good.  

Grace and talents work together. For example, discovering our individual and collective talents and charisms has the potential to give us some “clues” toward understanding the specific ways in which God calls us - as individuals and communities. 

And as we discern how we are specifically called, we can be more intentional about cultivating and using all of our gifts in the process of carrying out our God-given calls.  

Why is strengths-base talent development important for churches and other faith organizations?

Faith communities thrive when they weave strengths development into their existing culture. Faith communities that create a strengths-based culture are communities that encourage their members to develop and use their God-given talents and strengths in all aspects of their lives. Strengths-based communities are more likely to have engaged members, who grow in faith, invite people to their faith communities, volunteer and serve the community in which they live, and support their faith community by sharing their time and financial resources.

Why is strengths-based talent development important for ministry staff and leaders?   

When those leading in ministry contexts have a deep awareness of their own and their colleague’s talents and strengths, they can work more effectively and collaboratively as a team. 

Ministry staff and leadership also have an important role of helping those they serve appreciate and use their God-given gifts.  As ministry leaders embrace, develop, and use their own talents and strengths, they can also encourage and equip others to engage in strengths-based talent development.