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Martha is a Gallup-Certified Strengths Coach and offers faith-based strengths education workshops/seminars to churches and college campuses. Martha integrates theology, ministry, and strengths philosophy as she writes, develops, and facilitates Talents in Christian Discipleship processes.

Martha values and promotes opportunities for talent and strengths development in ministry settings. Martha supports parish, church, and campus ministry leaders and staff as they encourage and create opportunities for Christian disciples to learn to use their talents and strengths in all aspects of their lives and for the common good. 

Martha earned her MA in Pastoral Ministry from Saint John's University School of Theology·Seminary in Collegeville, Minnesota. She has attended Gallup® Accelerated Coaches training, Faith Strengths Advisor training, and StrengthsQuest® trainings.  

Martha’s ministry experience includes facilitating strengths-based talent development for groups (using Living Your Strengths© and Talents in Christian Discipleship© curriculum), working with adults of all ages in archdiocesan, parish, and campus ministry settings, and training pastoral and lay leaders to facilitate talents and strengths ministries in their parishes and campuses.  

Martha has developed and written strengths-based curriculum and resources. Her written resources include:

  • Strengths development seminar materials for young adult college students.

  • Developing Strength-Based Project Teams, which equips project managers to begin developing strengths-based project teams. Martha co-authored Developing Strengths-Based Project Teams with Connie Plowman, PMP®.

Martha is actively engaged in the Catholic Strengths and Engagement Community (CSEC) and is a member of CSEC’s Board of Directors. 


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