Strengths-Based Project Teams

Everyone has talents and strengths. Everyone does projects - even in faith communities!

Faith communities have big and small projects, which may include:

  • Creating and executing a strategic plan

  • Organizing the Church picnic

  • Providing living space for those in need

  • Creating a prayer garden

  • Constructing a new church building

  • Organizing a mission trip

  • Offering a new Vacation Bible School format

  • Delivering city-wide education about caring for God’s creation

  • Designing a worship space

  • Remodeling the church kitchen

  • And many more….


In faith organizations, much the of the project work is done by faith community members who volunteer their time and share their gifts.

  • Through prayer, life experiences, conversations, and encouragement from others, God calls members to specific projects and project teams.

  • Project team members are called to collaborate and use their collective God-given gifts, talents, and strengths toward completing their respective project.

  • A project team can maximize their collective God-given gifts, talents, and strengths when they become a strengths-based project team.

How can your project team become a Strengths-Based Project Team?

Available at    Amazon    and other online retailers.

Available at Amazon and other online retailers.

Connie Plowman and Martha Buelt wrote the book, Developing Strengths-Based Project Teams, which integrates common project management and strengths-based talent development language to help you and your project team learn about and become a strengths-based project team.

The book’s content is applicable to project teams in any organization, including faith communities. Depending on a project team’s context, project team members can be employees or volunteers.

The book is designed for those leading projects who have an interest in talent development—not only their own talents and strengths, but also the combined talents and strengths of their project teams.

You will learn about the characteristics of a strengths-based project team and how to apply a series of building blocks for individual and team strengths-based development. Through exercises, templates, action plans, and reflective questions, you will also learn how to cultivate the collective strengths of project team members to become a strengths-based project team. 

The book will guide you in the process of creating an environment in which project team members can use their strengths-based talent development tools long-term to develop and apply what they naturally do best—resulting in projects getting done. Furthermore, team members take with them a strengths development tool kit, which equips them as Christian disciples to serve the common good by intentionally applying their God-given talents and strengths in all aspects of their lives.